Binghamton Yoga, 311 Exchange Ave, Endicott, NY, 607-725-8389

Welcome to Binghamton Yoga

Our yoga studio is a beautiful, warm, inviting space that is home to a growing and vibrant yoga community.  It features a comfortable lounge area, convenient changing rooms, male/female restrooms, and a beautiful practice area.  

The practice area has high ceilings, tall windows, and a gorgeous floor.  We have several ceiling fans and one big exhaust fan which keeps the air in the practice area moving.  We do not use fragrant incense, fluorescent lighting or air conditioning.

We offer over 20 classes a week in a variety of yoga styles appropriate for beginning to advanced yoga students including: Align & Flow, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Release & Renew and Gentle.  All classes can be attended on a drop-in basis. No registration required. 

We've got plenty of props to help students get deeper into postures than they'd be able to do on their own - including blocks, straps, blankets, sandbags, etc.  And if you need to borrow a mat, we have several available for new or continuing students who forgot their own (just remember to use the cleaner at the end).

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest, safest, and most beautiful studio within a hundred miles.  And our instructors reflect that professionalism with student-centered teaching.


Meet Our Instructors


Kim Gruber

Jason Shaw

Yvette Bulger-Oakley


Sheila Bunnell

Elisa Camiscioli

Linda O'Neill


Joanna Patchett

Emily Brown

Tracy Rickard