Align & Flow



Yoga Oasis

Rachel Bush

Take a quick break and make a little space in your day to move and breathe. Uncover your inner oasis.


Stay Low & Just Be

Rachel Bush

Keep your practice low to the ground to stay cool and calm when the weather is hot or your mind feels fried.


Low Back Flow

Rachel Bush

In this calming practice, increase flexibility and downward flowing prana with alignment tips to release a tight lower body.


Sit Comfortably & Stretch

Rachel Bush

Learn ways to be more comfortable in your chair and a few simple stretches you can do anywhere. Take a break and refresh yourself.


Slow & Low

Emily Brown

Embrace the cooling quality of the earth. Moving slowly, you'll stay low to the ground, where you can soften into the support it offers.


Curb Your Ambition

Rachel Bush

Slow Down and just BE in this mostly reclining practice.


Come Home to your Heart

Rachel Bush

Balance strength and surrender as you explore backbends to remember the place in you that is your refuge and just a breath away.


Relaxing Hip Openers

Rachel Bush

Need a Break? Don't have a lot of time? Try this calming practice of mostly hip openers, for a quick way to connect with yourself.


Be Sweet

Emily Brown

In your practice, be sweet with yourself - offer a kind thought rather than a harsh judgement, pull in a prop, or breath softly. Heat is sharp & intense. Balance the heat with the cooling quality of sweetness.


Soften your Gaze

Rachel Bush

Cool and calm your energy by softening your gaze.


Embrace Change

Rachel Bush

Being open to change is the first step towards transformation. Cultivate this receptive quality through breath and asana.


Gentle Strength Building

Rachel Bush

Build strength in this practice by engaging in a consistent and steady way using the wall for support and stability.