Align & Flow

Stability & fluidity blend with movement & breath



Recipe for Heat

Rachel Bush

Try this recipe of mostly standing poses on a cold and dreary day to warm up.


Energetic Flow 2

Jason Shaw

Facing sideways, explore this 7-minute, invigorating flow to get your energy moving.


Spinal Flow

Emily Brown

Flow through the 7 ranges of movement in your spine.


Build Resilience

Rachel Bush

True strength is not rigid or impermeable, but instead supple and full of vitality.


Energetic Flow 3

Jason Shaw

Wind down with Jason for a 9-minute hatha-style sequence done entirely on the ground.


Cleanse Asana Practice

Rachel Bush

Use your Asana Practice to support you during a cleanse.


Gentle Strength Building II

Rachel Bush

In this gentle and strength building practice we'll focus on actions and movements for the hands and upper body.


Yoga Oasis

Rachel Bush

Take a quick break and make a little space in your day to move and breathe. Uncover your inner oasis.


Energetic Flow 1

Jason Shaw

Start your day or take a break from sitting and get moving in this hatha-style flow.


Invigorating Flow

Jason Shaw

In this invigorating flow, blend movement with breath to renew your energy.


Gentle Strength Building I

Rachel Bush

Try doing this simple sequence every day for 5 days and see what you notice.


Slow & Low

Emily Brown

Embrace the cooling quality of the earth. Moving slowly, you'll stay low to the ground, where you can soften into the support it offers.