Align & Flow



Come Home to your Heart

Rachel Bush

In this practice of mostly backbends find a balance of strength and surrender to remember the place in you that is your refuge and just a breath away.


Relaxing Hip Openers

Rachel Bush

Need a Break? Don't have a lot of time? Try this calming practice of mostly hip openers, any time of day for a quick way to connect with yourself.


Enliven the Body

Rachel Bush

This live Anusara class was recorded on 2/17/21 and focuses on receptivity and grounding- featuring backbends.


Rejuvenating Flow

Rachel Bush

Follow your breath and come back into your own rhythm with this energizing sequence of mostly standing poses.


Embrace Change

Rachel Bush

In this basic align and flow sequence of mostly backbends and twists we will use the breath to cultivate a quality of receptivity and an attitude of openness. Being open to change is the first step towards transformation.


Gentle Strength Building

Rachel Bush

Build strength in this practice of mostly standing poses by engaging in a consistent and steady way using the wall for support and stability.


A Practice for Self-Empathy

Rachel Bush

This pre-recorded Anusara class from 1/20/21, focuses on honoring the ups & downs of life as you learn to listen to your inner compassionate voice - featuring hip openers.


Yoga Reset

Rachel Bush

Hit the reset button with this flow and make a little space in your day to move and breathe.


Sit Comfortably & Stretch

Rachel Bush

In this short video learn ways to be more comfortable in your chair and a few simple stretches you can do anywhere. Take a break and refresh yourself.


7 Minute Anytime Practice

Emily Brown

Don't have time to practice? No problem, this 7 minute practice can fit into your day anytime!


Unlock your Strength

Rachel Bush

Unlock your potential and find all the ways you can support yourself! Focusing on a combo of standing poses, inversions and backbends


Grounding Flow

Emily Brown

With a focus on connecting to the ground, this practice builds stability in the body and focused calm in the mind.

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