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Align & Flow

Stability & fluidity blend with movement & breath


Energetic Flow 3

Jason Shaw

Wind down with Jason for a 9-minute hatha-style sequence done entirely on the ground.


Invigorating Flow

Jason Shaw

In this invigorating flow, blend movement with breath to renew your energy.


Be Sweet

Emily Brown

In your practice, be sweet with yourself - offer a kind thought rather than a harsh judgement, pull in a prop, or breath softly. Heat is sharp & intense. Balance the heat with the cooling quality of sweetness.


Energetic Flow 1

Jason Shaw

Start your day or take a break from sitting and get moving in this hatha-style flow.


Spinal Flow

Emily Brown

Flow through the 7 ranges of movement in your spine.


7 Minute Anytime Practice

Emily Brown

Don't have time to practice? No problem, this 7 minute practice can fit into your day anytime!


Energetic Flow 2

Jason Shaw

Facing sideways, explore this 7-minute, invigorating flow to get your energy moving.


Slow & Low

Emily Brown

Embrace the cooling quality of the earth. Moving slowly, you'll stay low to the ground, where you can soften into the support it offers.


Grounding Flow

Emily Brown

With a focus on connecting to the ground, this practice builds stability in the body and focused calm in the mind.

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