Amanda Engle, Jivamukti 300

​Amanda's yoga practice began in 2012 at a pop up class at a coffee shop in Charleston SC. Yoga was something that had sparked her curiosity and interest, and though she knew she wanted to practice, she wasn't sure how to start. So, the Universe brought the class to her, with no excuses, since the class was next door to her work. It was love at first down dog!

Amanda fell in love with the connection that yoga brings, the connection to ourselves and others. She started going to classes around town and that's where she discovered Jivamukti, and her teachers Andrea Boyd and Jeffrey Cohen. Jivamukti is a method of yoga with the goal of liberating the soul, the ultimate connection.

After a year of consistent Jivamukti practice, Amanda traveled to Costa Rica for a month to become a teacher, immersing herself in daily practice of asana, meditation, scripture and self study. She believes yoga is about discovering the Truth of yourself and the Power within. Everyone shares that truth and power, and we just have to uncover it. Amanda loves and respects each style of yoga, and she threads a little Jivamukti into each of her classes.

Amanda's In-Person Class

5:45 - 7:00 pm
Align & Flow