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4 Week Series (2/24 - 3/17)
Thursdays, 4:30- 5:30 PM
4 classes for $40

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Path to Meditation

A Way Home to Yourself


-Experience the Beauty of Meditation-

Stress plays a huge part of our everyday lives. Meditation helps us not only to recognize stress, but also to minimize our reactivity to that stress. When you change your relationship to stress and how it affects you, it will transform the way you interact with yourself & others, help you to sleep easier & deeper, and feel more relaxed in mind & heart.

Why learn how to meditate in a group?

Meditation is hard, and you don't have to do it alone. Our minds can feel like an overwhelming place to sit in stillness and quiet, for any amount of time. But in a supportive group, you can share your experience & gain insight into new techniques to try, all while receiving encouragement & reassurance. 


What is the structure of class?

Each session includes instruction, practice, and discussion. (Optional) For only $3.99, you can also purchase the Koru Mindfulness App, and you will have access to all the guided meditations as well as a way to communicate with Wendy in between sessions. The Koru App is more than than just useful for class, it can continue to support you as you develop your meditation practice even after our 4 week series is over.   

What is "Koru Mindfulness"?

Designed at Duke University, "Koru Mindfulness" is an evidence-based curriculum developed by psychiatrists over the course of a decade. "Koru" is the New Zealand Māori word for the spiral shape of the unfurling fern frond. While the word translates to “looped” or “spiraled,” the shape symbolizes harmony or balanced growth, representing layered growth around a stable center.                                                                         

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Curious about meditation?

To reserve your spot, call or email Emily at:

(607) 862-6701

~ Space is available first come, first served. If you reserve, but there is no longer space available,

you'll be put onto the waitlist in case anyone cancels. 

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Meet Wendy

While practicing yoga for many years, in 2015, Wendy started a daily meditation practice to help her manage stress. Meditation taught her to slow down & become present - two abilities that have been life-changing in so many ways. She loves to share her experiences to help others find peace in an otherwise stressful world.


Wendy’s teaching style is open and relaxed.  Her classes are interactive, and she encourages participation.  She wholeheartedly believes that everyone can meditate once you understand the basics, all it starts with is one breath at a time. Wendy enjoys teaching a variety of ways to meditate, knowing that one size does not fit all, in order to help you find the style and techniques that best support you.

Impassioned to share her knowledge, Wendy earned her teaching certification from the Koru Mindfulness Center. The Koru Mindfulness program is an evidence-based curriculum designed at Duke University. Wendy has taught students of diverse ages, from young adults to senior citizens.  

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