Breathe & Meditate



Cooling Breath

Emily Brown

Savor the cooling sensation you can infuse into your breath. Using a variation of Sitali - or "cooling breath" - you'll bring a cool, spacious sensation to your mouth.


Pranayama for Flow

Rachel Bush

Soothe and calm your body, heart and mind, using your breath, with a focus on Ujjayi breath.


Breathing Meditation

Emily Brown

Soften into the moment as you draw your awareness to each breath, as it comes in and out.


Meditation for Depth

Rachel Bush

Imagine your thoughts and feelings like waves on the surface of a body of water and use Dhyana Mudra to collect your attention and let it settle into the depth of your consciousness.


Yoga Nidra

Emily Brown

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that promotes deep rest and relaxation, improves your sleep, and leaves you feeling peaceful.


Loving Kindness Meditation

Emily Brown

A Loving Kindness Meditation supports our capacity for compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.


Water Meditation

Rachel Bush

Give your thoughts to the water and let that current clear and calm your mind.


5 Element Meditation

Rachel Bush

Use the 5 Elements as a guide to observe your inner body.


Three Point Breath

Rachel Bush

Feeling stressed? Need to relax? Take a 10 minute break to practice this basic and foundational breathing exercise.