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Cultivate Compassion

In January, we embraced New Beginnings with the mantra, "Be curious, not judgmental." Curiosity - boundless & expansive - creates an environment for compassion to flourish. This month, allow your curiosity to guide you in cultivating compassion, towards yourself and those around you. 

Compassion is something that's easier to talk about, than it is to put into action. The time for compassion often comes after we've encountered someone whose actions left us feeling defensive, hurt, or angry. Most likely, that encounter highlights someone going through a hard time in life - someone at their lowest point. It takes practice to respond with compassion in the heat of the moment.


Yoga gives you the space to practice compassion. While you practice, you're putting yourself into a posture that's potentially frustrating, challenging, or uncomfortable. In that place, you create an opportunity to practice self-compassion. One breath at a time you meet frustration with love, anger with kindness, & anxiety with ease. 

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Use this month's videos, blog post, and a special Self-Care Calendar, to stay connected to these new beginnings. You can use the Self Care Calendar as motivation to experience Yoga daily - in the form of a physical practice or in the simple joy of sleeping in.

Self Care Calendar

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