Foundations of Yoga

5 Week Series (9/2 - 9/30)
Thursdays 5:15- 6:30 PM
5 classes for $50

Meet your Teachers

Emily Brown

Rachel Bush

Rose Murphy

Ann Rose

Jason Shaw

Who is this series for?

     - New Students and Beginners.

     - Experienced practitioners eager to revisit foundational principles.

     - Teachers looking for creative ways to work with beginners. 


How's it work?

Each week, get to know a different teacher who'll introduce their style of yoga and their approach to the practice. You'll become familiar with several different class and teaching styles. Yoga is a big world - take a tour and see which styles best suit you!

Are you New?
By the end of the series, you'll have a basic understanding of the different styles and get to know some of our teachers. The postures and practice will no longer feel foreign, and you'll feel more empowered to choose a class that's right for you. 

Are you a Regular?
When we believe there's nothing left to learn, we lose sight of the ways we can grow. Embrace the beginner's mind to welcome new lessons from familiar poses and discover new possibilities. As you revisit the foundations, cultivate a lifelong curiosity.

How do I sign up?
Pre-registration is required. To pre-register, contact Emily at (607) 862-6701, or, or sign up at the front desk. 

* Unlimited & New Student Passes cannot be used for 5 week series *