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Tapas: A Tool for Transformation

Yoga is more than just a practice of what poses and shapes we can physically do. Last month, we practiced meeting ourselves with compassion. This month, we bring that compassion with us as we explore the transformational qualities of Tapas. 

What is Tapas? Tapas is heat that fuels transformation through discipline. There's a lot packed in that thought, so let's break it down....


Take a moment and picture eating a raw onion. It's flavor is intense and sharp, probably not your favorite. But when we cook that same onion - when we apply heat - it completely transforms. As the skillet heats, the onion starts to sizzle with change. In this moment, it takes discipline to see the transformation through. Too much heat and the onion will burn, but not enough and it'll remain sharp and pungent. 

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Yoga applies heat through challenge. A posture, a flow, even just being present in the moment can present a physical, mental, & emotional challenge. The heat of that challenge has a potential for change, but requires discipline. We have to stay in the heat long enough to benefit, but not so long that it becomes a punishment. Let your breath be your guide - let it remain easy and keep you grounded in your strength.

Use this month's videos, blog post, and a special Self-Care Calendar, to stay connected to your Tapas - the willpower that fires you. You can use the Self Care Calendar as motivation to experience Yoga daily - in the form of a physical practice or in the simple joy of soaking up the sun.

Self Care Calendar

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