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This time of year, when you sit outside, you can't help but experience nature's rebirth and renewal. You can smell it in the air, feel it on the warm breeze against your skin, and see it in the blooms on trees and flowers. Even in our modern world, we are a part of nature, and so we're ruled by the same laws. If nature can experience this renewal, then we can too. 

When you think of renewal, several different things may come to mind. No matter what you picture (spa day, here I come!), your energy level plays an important role because it's depletion is often the reason we need renewal. 

What if you thought of your energy the same way you might think of the money in your bank account? You only have so much of it, so most likely you'll want to spend it on something that you need or that you'll cherish, while the rest of the time you try to save it. 

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The same is true for your energy. Instead of spending all of your energy doing everything in sight, consider where do you need to spend your energy, where do you want to spend your energy, and where can you save it? Renewal is what we do when we realize we spent a bit more energy than we thought. It's important to take a little more time to rest and recover. And we'll come to realize that not doing - allowing ourselves to rest, mentally, physically, and/or emotionally - is perhaps the most important thing of all. This month, we'll focus on ways that we can find renewal in our practice - whatever our yoga practice may look like that day. 

Use this month's videos, blog post, and a special Self-Care Calendar, to stay connected to your ability to renew. Use the Self Care Calendar as motivation to experience Yoga daily - in the form of a physical practice or in the simple joy of working in your garden.

Self Care Calendar

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