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Cool & Calm

This month, we settle our energy and community intention to embrace all things Cool & Calm.  Summer is full of vibrant energy that can leave us feeling depleted.  Cool & Calm offers a balm to soothe the heat and excitement we feel this time of year, in body, mind, & heart. 


This theme is an invitation, a state of mind, a quality to embody.  


Cool your thoughts, let sweetness envelope your heart, and soften into who you are.


This month, explore practices that are slower, low to the ground, and more contemplative as a way to cool mind and body and connect back to your source.  

New to BYoga at Home?

Welcome!  This is a place where we can all come together and practice, wherever we may be tuning in from.  Each month, our practice will unite us in community around a theme that guides and supports you both on and off your mat.   


Each month you can explore a calendar to guide and inspire your home practice.  Check out your calendar below and use it as a way to structure your home practice.  As always, you can flow your own way and use our video library in any way that best suits your needs and schedule.   

Also, enjoy a freebie recipe each month to complement your practice!

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