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New Beginnings

Happy New Year!! A New Year brings with it hope & excitement for new beginnings, a chance to experience the world anew. In Yoga, we call this the "beginner's mind," not that you forget all you've learned, but that you expand your practice to include an open, curious mind. 

The beginner's mind is perfectly encapsulated in the quote, "be curious, not judgmental," from Walt Whitman. It reminds us that we can be easily confined by our judgements - our likes & dislikes, which ultimately prevent new experiences. Curiosity, on the other hand, will give you the space you need to grow.

Whether you've just begun your yoga journey or have practiced for many years, the beginner's mind brings new experiences as it observes with curiosity throughout your practice. So if you've done 5 or 500 Downward Facing Dogs, the next time you find yourself yet again in Down Dog, ask, "what can I learn from this posture, in this moment," or "what's here that I didn't notice before?" And bask in the new beginnings you might not have realized were just around the corner.

Use this month's videos, blog post, and a special Self-Care Calendar, to stay connected to these new beginnings. You can use the Self Care Calendar as motivation to experience Yoga daily - in the form of a physical practice or in the simple joy of sleeping in.

Self Care Calendar

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