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First Class $10,
Second Class $8,
Every Class After $6

(Unlimited Passes First Class Free)


6 Different 1-Hour Classes, 7 Different Instructors

Drop-in to one class or combine all 3 to make a mini yoga retreat for yourself!

Are you looking to start Yoga for the first time, or maybe you'd like to return to your mat, but aren't sure where to get started? Our Open House features 6 different 1 hour classes, with a lot of chances to try out a new teacher or style!

Has it been a while since you stepped onto your mat?
Revisit your practice and how you can spend time with yourself. It's rare to have time to yourself to focus on only you, without interruptions. Whether you come for one class or stay for several, let this Open House be a chance to savor your "you" time.

Do you have a regular yoga practice?
We love it! A regular practice can influence our overall wellness. At our Open House, you can try out a class you don't normally get to, or connect with a new style so your practice can continue to grow.

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Morning Schedule

8:30 am -   Align & Flow with Jason
9:45 am -   Bend & Breathe with Linda 
11:00 am - Flow Yoga with Carmen


Afternoon Schedule

1:30 pm -   Yoga & Meditation with Emily
2:45 pm -   Align with Ann
4:00 pm -  Restore & Yoga Nidra with Michele & Dawn

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