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Meet Your Teachers

We're a studio home to a wide variety of styles. From gentle yoga to active flow, you'll find a little of everything, for everyone! Yoga isn't anything to achieve, and our teachers guide your alignment, bring you back to the present, & guide you to move with an easy breath.


Emily's classes emphasize calm, easy breath while building strength in the whole body. Learn to use your breath to support your mental & emotional self, as you explore ways you can move and support yourself without pain. No pain is gain. 


For Jason, yoga is the natural evolution of his life-long pursuit of self-awareness. He loves yoga's capacity to balance strength with flexibility & focus with perspective. His classes are known for high-energy & deep smiles.


Erin’s love of yoga began at a young age when she drew the connection between the mind, body, and spirit through her practice. She hopes to help her students forge a deeper connection with themselves through self-healing and self-care. In her class, you can expect to engage with breath & movement to find a sense of tranquility.

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In Melissa's first class, nearly 10 years ago,  she felt a pure bliss in Savasana that was exhilarating and, yet, peaceful. She loves the playful exploration of both yin & yang - of effort & ease - that results in a delightful discovery of balance.  Explore the connection between movement and breath, while honoring your body.


Linda's classes focus on a practice that is slow, calm, and meditative, to calm the mind. Using postures and conscious movement, you'll connect with your breath as a way to anchor and still your mind. 

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A dedicated student of yoga since 2004, Dawn enjoys many different types of yoga. She especially loves Restorative, which helped to ease her back pain, relieve her stress, &  balance her flow practice. Her classes aim to bring her students the same joy and relaxation that yoga has brought to her life.


For Jessica, every time you roll out your mat, a new adventure awaits. It's important to her that her students learn what they can discover in their yoga practice: breath, focus, and the ability to balance on & off the mat. Come to class ready to explore the physical and mental benefits of yoga, and leave feeling revitalized & inspired. 

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Michele wants to help her students find more in Yoga than just flexibility. In her Restore class, you'll focus on connecting to the power of breath, mindfulness, and rejuvenation. From improving mobility in Yin, to releasing deep tension in Restorative, Michele knows anyone can do Yoga and benefit.

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