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Path to Meditation

with Wendy

Saturday, 11/5, 9:30 - 11 am
$20/     $25 after 11/3

Image by Yuriy Kovalev


“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear” – Rumi

Learn how mindfulness and meditation can help you reduce stress and lead a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.  Get practical tips for creating your own meditation practice. 
This 90-minute interactive workshop will cover the basics of mindfulness and why meditation practice is such an important component.  You will learn a variety of useful techniques for quieting your mind, feeling calmer and more balanced. 
Who Should Attend?
- Anyone now to Meditation (a group setting is a great place to get started!)
- Anyone who wants a refresher (maybe it's been a while since you meditated and you're looking to restart)
- Anyone with a regular practice (embrace the beginner's mindset and find a new way to connect with your practice)

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Meet Wendy

While practicing yoga for many years, in 2015, Wendy started a daily meditation practice to help her manage stress. Meditation taught her to slow down & become present - two abilities that have been life-changing in so many ways. She loves to share her experiences to help others find peace in an otherwise stressful world.

Wendy’s teaching style is open and relaxed.  Her classes are interactive, and she encourages participation.  She wholeheartedly believes that everyone can meditate once you understand the basics, all it starts with is one breath at a time. Wendy enjoys teaching a variety of ways to meditate, knowing that one size does not fit all, in order to help you find the style and techniques that best support you.

Impassioned to share her knowledge, Wendy earned her teaching certification from the Koru Mindfulness Center. The Koru Mindfulness program is an evidence-based curriculum designed at Duke University. Wendy has taught students of diverse ages, from young adults to senior citizens.  

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