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Fri - Sat, July 9 & 10

Cooling Summer Mini Retreat

with Rachel Bush & Emily Brown

Summer is a naturally stimulating and energizing time, but between the heat and the tendency to over-do, it can also be a draining time of year.  In this weekend mini-retreat we will focus on cooling and calming practices to help you to slow down and rejuvenate.  


$75 (if pre-registered by 7/2) 

- $90 (after 7/2)


Price is for the full weekend & includes:

- Yoga, Meditation, & Pranayama Practice

- Light Refreshments & Snacks 

- All participants will receive a goody bag with Pitta Pacifying treats to take home.  



6 - 8 PM ~ Seasonal Ayurveda Overview & Sleep Routine with Rachel

One of the best ways to restore our energy is through sleep, so on Friday night we will have a mini-Ayurveda review (so no worries if Ayurveda is new to you!) and then a class focused specifically on sleep.  We will end with a sleep routine that you can use in your own home to support better, more restorative sleep.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ~  Ayurveda of Emotions, Meditation and Pranayama with Rachel

Saturday morning will be focused specifically on cultivating a practice of self-empathy as a way to soothe our emotional body and how to use meditation and pranayama as another tool to cultivate peace of mind and a devotional heart.

12:30 - 1:30 PM ~ Lunch Break

Light pitta pacifying vegetarian snacks provided - feel free to bring lunch to the studio with you.

1:30 - 3:30 PM - Yin to Restorative with Emily

Bask in long held, relaxed positions that melt away tension & stress with supported yoga poses in this deeply rejuvenating class.

To Register: Contact Emily at or (607) 862-6701


** Hours from these workshops can count as CE credits for Yoga Teachers **

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