Emily Brown


Emily's classes focus on moving with strength & ease, in a way that is accessible to everyone, to build mind-body awareness, and a deep connection with ourselves. Our bodies are meant to experience all kinds of movement, so Emily's classes encourages students to explore within their postures.


Jason Shaw

E-RYT 200

For Jason, yoga is the natural evolution of his life-long pursuit of self-awareness.  He loves yoga's capacity to balance strength with flexibility & focus with perspective. He believes yoga unifies the best aspects of so many other pursuits & merges them into a single, salient system capable of being practiced along a spectrum of intensity levels. His classes are known for high-energy

& deep smiles.


Rose Murphy

E-RYT 200

Rose is passionate about exploring alignment & anatomy in the postures. Her classes aim to convey her love of yoga to others through compassion. Join Rose as you flow through asanas in a way that combines alignment, laughter, & love.

“Through compassion you find that all human beings are just like you.”​ – HH The Dalai Lama


Rachel Bush


Through Yoga & Ayurveda, Rachel experienced such a transformation in her life that she dedicated her life to these practices. She enjoys teaching with humor and a light-heart, alongside storytelling to demystify the complexities of mind and body. Rachel believes that we cultivate our greatest resource when we cultivate our health (especially our mental health).

Amanda Engle

Jivamukti 300

Amanda is inspired by her Jivamukti training which infuses a vigorous, vinyasa yoga practice with a philosophical, spiritual connection with yourself.  She believes yoga is about discovering the Truth of yourself & the Power within. Everyone shares that truth & power - we just have to uncover it. Amanda loves & respects each style of yoga, and she threads a little Jivamukti into each of her classes.

Linda teaches vinyasa flow with focus on alignment enabling students to achieve maximum benefit from poses in a safe effective manner. She believes that yoga is for everybody in every body and the never-ending journey of practicing yoga can bring balance to the body and the mind.


Carmen began moving her body at a young age in gymnastics, dance, & then yoga. Yoga has been a part of her life ever since, complimenting her dance career & everyday life. Her classes fuse movement & breath with a light-hearted approach. Carmen looks forward to meeting you & helping guide you then your yoga journey. Love & Light!


She teaches a Vinyasa Flow that fits everybody & focuses on proper alignment and breath. This will deepen your awareness as the postures are held. Loreen has a knack for making her students feel comfortable no matter what their experience level.

Dawn has been a dedicated student of yoga since 2004, & enjoys many different types of yoga including Restorative, which holds a special place in her heart. It has eased her back pain, relieved her stress, &  helped to balance her flow practice. Dawn looks forward to bringing the same relaxation, calm, & joy to her students, so they leave the studio happier than when they entered.