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Tune In Immersion
Deepen your knowledge and your practice as you Tune In to yourself!

Are you interested in learning more about the practice of yoga? Are you curious about the philosophy behind yoga?  Do you want to explore  the practices of meditation and pranayama? Do you want to learn more about the anatomy and physiology to improve your alignment? Do you love yoga class, but hope to delve deeper?

​In the Tune In, we will:

  • break down the poses to build a strong foundation and alignment 

  • build a meditation and breath work practice 

  • learn the history of yoga

  • explore sun salutations - ways to modify    and adjust

  • explore different practices of yoga - yin, restorative, flow, & yoga nidra

  • how to find the balance of strength and flexibility in your body

  • gain valuable feedback into your own personal body and how to work with your unique body

  • learn how to practice headstand, handstand, shoulder stand  safely


Meet your Instructors

Emily Brown

Rachel Bush

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