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- Enhance your Game with Yoga -

Get ready for golf season with us!

Did you know that Yoga can help enhance your overall performance? In the Yoga for Golfers Series, you'll build the stability, flexibility, & mental focus, you need to play your best round yet. 

How does building stability & flexibility help my golf game?

Your swing affects the majority of your game, so each week, we'll focus on exploring postures that improve the range of movement and strength in your shoulders, hips, and spine. With upper leg & core strength to support your movement, your golf swing will be more consistent and smooth. Improving your overall stability & flexibility will not only elevate your game, but also prevent injury, prolonging your time on the green. 


Why emphasize mental focus?

While your swing is a big part of the game, your mental focus and awareness is just as important. Yoga is a practice of the present, not the future or past. Regardless of what happened or what's to come, Yoga asks you to bring your attention into this moment, this breath - over and over again. This discipline cultivates a mental strength that will bolster you when you need in most. 

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4 Week Series (4/7 - 4/28)
Thursdays, 5:15- 6:30 PM
4 classes for $50

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