Yoga for your Spine


Rose Murphy

Remote Only
Tuesdays, 6:00- 7:15 pm
4 Weeks for $40, or $13 for a Single Session
1/11 - 2/1

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Why practice for your spine?

The spine is at the very center of our being, providing structure and support, yet despite all it does for us, we don’t typically give it the love and care it deserves - until we experience back pain. The good news is, it doesn't take much to comfort and de-stress this vital structure. When practiced consistently, Yoga decompresses the spine while improving its strength & mobility. In this four-week series, build your spine's resilience & stability as you explore the 7 distinct ways it moves. 

Who can benefit?

Everyone! You're only as young as your spine is flexible, or so the saying goes. If you are currently experiencing a lot of back pain, rest may be best. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you're new to yoga and experience limited range of movement due to pain, this may not be the best class to start with. 



Week 1  (1/11):   Forward Folds

Week 2 (1/18):  Sidebends & Twists

Week 3 (1/25): Backbends

Week 4 (2/1):   Putting it All Together 

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