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Yoga Therapy Series

Heart Centered Yoga

with Linda

February 6 - February 27
Monday, 6:30- 8:00 PM
4 classes for $50,
or pre-register for the classes you can attend ($15)


- Life is hard, Yoga can help - 

Cultivate your Capacity for Self-Love

Looking for a way to connect with yourself and develop self-care practices? In this four-week Yoga Therapy series, learn how to connect with the heart to enhance your capacity self-love and compassion.  


Yoga Therapy uses the tools of yoga to empower one toward health and healing. Each session will use breathing exercises, meditation, yoga practice, and yoga nidra as a guide to strengthen your heart connection.  

These classes will be offered in a four-week series. Signing up for all four classes is encouraged. If you cannot commit for each class, sign up for the class you can attend at the drop- in rate ($15). 

4 Week Schedule

Week 1 (2/6): Awaken the Heart Center through Self-Care

Introduction to the Yogic View on Health and practices to cultivate self-love in the body, mind, and spirit

Week 2 (2/13): Yogic Breathing to Cultivate Self-Love

Learn breathing practices to calm the body, mind, and spirit. Delve into conscious breathing and how it can soothe you during times of stress

Week 3 (2/20):  Cultivating Self-Love through Meditation

Observe and witness thoughts, feelings, and sensations, to develop a state of loving presence within

Week 4 (2/27): Yoga for Compassion and Gratitude

Integrate mind, body, & breath in a heart centered yoga practice to cultivate compassion & gratitude for yourself and others

Meet Linda

New Teacher Announcement_edited.jpg

In the final stages of completing her Yoga Therapy Certification, Linda is excited to share  the practice of yoga that quite truly changed her life. For a long time, she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder that left her paralyzed in fear, nervousness, and in a constant state of worry. Realizing she needed a change, she tried yoga and committed to a regular meditation practice. Through yoga, meditation, and therapy, Linda began to feel relief, along with a stronger sense of inner peace and well-being. 


Having experienced the healing qualities in yoga, she looks forward to helping others experience freedom from suffering.

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