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Yoga Therapy Series


with Linda

May 4 - May 25
Thursdays, 6:30- 8:00 PM
4 classes for $50,
or pre-register for the classes you can attend ($15)

Pink Blossom


- Life is hard, Yoga can help - 

What is mobility and why is it important to maintain?

Mobility is the ability of your joints to move through their full range with control & without restriction. When you have a limited range of movement, it can make everyday things - like putting on your shoes or getting up off the floor - not only difficult but potentially painful. 

How can Yoga help?

With a focus on the mobility of your shoulders, hips, and ankles, you'll learn what yoga postures help stretch & strengthen the surrounding muscles so the joints can be stabilized and move freely. Using Thera-Bands, explore ways to stretch, stabilize, and mobilize your joints. Each class will also include breathing exercises, movement, self-reflection, and meditation to build self-awareness as you unlock new movement patterns.

These classes will be offered in a four-week series. Signing up for all four classes is encouraged. If you cannot commit to each class, book the class(es) you can attend at the drop-in rate ($15). 

For all ages and abilities but does involve lying on the floor and some kneeling.

4 Week Schedule


Week 1 (5/4): Mobility is a Staple for a Healthy Body
Explore basic shoulder anatomy, develop self-awareness, and explore your shoulde
rs through its full range of motion using Thera-Bands

Week 2 (5/11): Mobility in the Hips to Reduce Back & Knee Pain
Learn basic hip anatomy, develop self-awareness, and learn movements to help restore your hip joint


Week 3 (5/18): Ankles Joint as a Foundation for the Entire Body
Discover basic foot anatomy, develop an awareness of your ankle joint, and strengthen your feet and ankles with the use of Thera-Bands


Week 4 (5/25): Focus on Opening your Shoulders, Hips, and Ankles
Integrate the first three weeks of mobility practice into a solid understanding of your body, leaving you with therapeutic tools for the future

Meet Linda

New Teacher Announcement_edited.jpg

With her Yoga Therapy Certificate, Linda is excited to share the practice of yoga that quite truly changed her life. For a long time, she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder that left her paralyzed in fear, nervousness, and in a constant state of worry. Realizing she needed a change, she tried yoga and committed to a regular meditation practice. Through yoga, meditation, and therapy, Linda began to feel relief, along with a stronger sense of inner peace and well-being. 


Having experienced the healing qualities of yoga, she looks forward to helping others experience freedom from suffering.

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