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4 Week Series (9/8 - 9/29)
Thursdays, 6:00- 7:30 PM
4 classes for $50,
or pre-register for the classes you can attend ($15)




- Life is hard, Yoga can help - 

Relieve Discomfort in your Upper Body

Have you been gardening, cleaning up the yard, busy doing home projects, or sitting at a computer too long? Maybe you feel stiff, tight, or your muscles feel inflamed and could use some gentle stretching, strengthening, and release? In this four-week series, dive deep into the upper body and ways you can soothe the neck, upper back, and shoulders. Using breathing exercises, inquiry, meditation, movement, and guided imagery, develop healthy posture and take the weight of the world off of your shoulders!

It is no doubt that the hustle and bustle of modern life has a direct impact on our physical bodies. Poor posture and stress can leave our neck, shoulders, and upper back tense and restricted. Learn how to work with your upper body to soothe, comfort, strengthen, & stretch these areas.

These classes will be offered in a four-week series. Signing up for all four classes is encouraged. If you cannot commit for each class, sign up for the class you can attend at the drop- in rate ($15). 

4 Week Schedule

Week 1 (9/8): The Fundamentals of Good Posture & its Impact on Health

Learn the function and purpose of good posture like how it contributes to your well-being and healthy habits to restore your posture back to health

Week 2 (9/15): “Tech Neck” - Modern Technology's Affect on the Neck Joint
Explore postures that help to “un-tech” your neck, restoring mobility and ease of movement

Week 3 (9/22):  The Impact of Stress and Poor Posture on the Shoulder Joint
Release the weight off your shoulders and create space in your upper torso, giving you room to breathe comfortably.

Week 4 (9/29): The Upper Back and its Role of Stability in the Spine
Strengthen your Upper Back, restoring overall stability to your spine and easing movement in your arms

Meet Linda

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Linda is excited to share the practice of yoga with her students as it is a practice that quite truly changed her life. For a long time, she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder that left her paralyzed in fear, nervousness, and in a constant state of worry. Realizing she needed a change, she tried yoga and committed to a regular meditation practice. Through yoga, meditation, and therapy, Linda began to feel relief, along with a stronger sense of inner peace and a better wellbeing. 


Having experienced the healing qualities in yoga, she looks forward to helping others experience freedom from suffering.

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4 Week Series (9/8 - 9/29)

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