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- Welcome! - 

Here are a few housekeeping items before your first session on Thursday

Thank you for signing up for our Yoga Therapy Upper Body Series! We hope that this Series give you knowledge and tools you need to help support your body. 

Wellness Questionnaire

Part of what makes Yoga Therapy unique is that it cultivates a practice specific to the needs of the participants. To help support you, please click on the button below to complete a short questionnaire that will take less than 5 minutes to fill out. The information you give will help Linda to speak to any specific needs or goals you have during this Series. Please fill out this form by noon on Thursday, 9/8, so that she will have enough time to review your answers.


If you're registered for all 4 weeks, you're welcome to pay before you come to the studio on Thursday, using our PayPal payment below. 

Are you registered for less than 4 weeks? Linda can help you with your payment when you come to the studio.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Feel free to reach out to Linda with any questions or concerns. Below you'll find her contact info:

Phone number: (719) 661-7697

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

4 Week Schedule

Week 1 (9/8): The Fundamentals of Good Posture & its Impact on Health

Learn the function and purpose of good posture like how it contributes to your well-being and healthy habits to restore your posture back to health

Week 2 (9/15): “Tech Neck” - Modern Technology's Affect on the Neck Joint
Explore postures that help to “un-tech” your neck, restoring mobility and ease of movement

Week 3 (9/22):  The Impact of Stress and Poor Posture on the Shoulder Joint
Release the weight off your shoulders and create space in your upper torso, giving you room to breathe comfortably.

Week 4 (9/29): The Upper Back and its Role of Stability in the Spine
Strengthen your Upper Back, restoring overall stability to your spine and easing movement in your arms

Meet Linda

New Teacher Announcement_edited.jpg

Linda is excited to share the practice of yoga with her students as it is a practice that quite truly changed her life. For a long time, she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder that left her paralyzed in fear, nervousness, and in a constant state of worry. Realizing she needed a change, she tried yoga and committed to a regular meditation practice. Through yoga, meditation, and therapy, Linda began to feel relief, along with a stronger sense of inner peace and a better wellbeing. 


Having experienced the healing qualities in yoga, she looks forward to helping others experience freedom from suffering.

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