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Emily Brown, E-RYT 500

Emily first found Yoga during her freshman year of college as a way to help manage stress. Through movement and breath, Yoga opened up a new way to experience the world and herself. Before Yoga, Emily pushed herself to be better in all things, and was often frustrated when things didn't go according to plan. But Yoga encouraged her to be curious, to bend rather than break, and she found herself able to grow in new and unexpected ways. 

Now, over 15 years later, Emily loves to encourage her students to connect with themselves with curiosity rather than judgement. Her classes emphasize calm, easy breath while building strength in the whole body. You'll learn how to use your breath to support your mental & emotional self, as you explore ways you can move and support yourself without pain. No pain is gain. 

The world can be stressful, and in the relatively controlled environment of the yoga studio, you have space to practice your reaction to that stress. Will you be able to breathe easy and go with the flow?

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