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Welcome to Our Oasis in Endicott

Welcome to a home for ease, community, & well-being. 

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New Student Special

New Student Pass

It's hard to know which style of yoga you'll love or which class will work best for your schedule. That's why we created our New Student Unlimited Pass. For 30 days, you have unlimited access to all of our regularly scheduled classes (doesn't include workshops and series). 

You can drop into any class before signing up for your New Student Pass - to see if it's something you want to commit to and if our studio is a good fit for you. When you're ready, just let your teacher know when you check in that you'd like to purchase your New Student Pass and they'll help get you signed up. Pass starts on the day that you use it and expires 30 days later. 

* Can only be used once

New Student Special

Why Try Yoga Our Studio?

At our studio, you won't focus on a workout. Yoga is naturally physical - stretching & strengthening the body - but there's so much more to yoga than a workout.

Our teachers will guide you to work-in, showing you how to listen to your body, explore your boundaries, and learn how to connect with yourself throughout it all. 

How you move, breathe, & connect with yourself can be transformative. Let us show you how good being you can feel. 

New to our Studio?

These classes are a great place to get started!


Align & Flow


Focuses on the foundational postures to learn how to align the body so that it's stable and strong as we move from one posture to another.

Gentle (2)_edited.jpg

Gentle Yoga

A non-weight bearing class that strengthens & stretches the whole body using carefully aligned poses & the support of props. ​​

Legs up the wall.jpg

Restore  Yoga

Melt away tension using  supported  and relaxed  poses, meditation, & awareness of breath.

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Why "Binghamton Yoga"?

In the mid-2000s, Binghamton Yoga started as a group of teachers who taught at different locations around Binghamton & Endicott.  In 2009, we found our home in Endicott, and we decided to keep the name everyone knew us for. Our beautiful yoga studio features a spacious practice area with high ceilings, a comfortable lounge area, convenient changing rooms, & private restrooms.

You deserve to feel your best, and our classes aim to make that a reality - whether it's through strong movement or soft relaxation. We offer over 15 classes a week in a variety of yoga styles appropriate for students of all levels including: Align & Flow, Restore, Meditation, & Gentle. 

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What time should I get there?
We recommend arriving
10 - 15 minutes before class starts. That way you'll have plenty of time to get comfortable and settled in after you fill out a short form and complete any payment. 


Where do I park? 

You can park on the street or in the parking lot next to Walgreens. We're on the second floor, in the same building as the Post Office, across the street from the Dollar General. 

What do I need to bring?
We strongly encourage you to bring your own mat. You're welcome to bring any of your own props, though we have plenty you can use.​ If you need to, you can borrow a mat, and we ask that you clean them after practice with the provided cleaning supplies.

Is there a form I need to fill out?
We have a New Student Consent Form, which you can print out here and bring with you to the Studio. You can always fill it out in the studio. Just be sure to come a few minutes early to your first class so you have time to fill out the form and get settled.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable, but snug clothing. Dress in layers if you know you tend to get cool.

Can I do yoga if I have an injury?

If it causes significant pain to move or support yourself, rest is always best. Always consult with your doctor before beginning yoga if you're not sure how it may affect you.

Do I have to register for class?

No. The majority of our students drop-in. There is plenty of room if you choose to drop in - with 23 spots available in each class, and we haven't yet had to turn anyone away.


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