Gentle Yoga



Low Back Rescue

Rachel Bush

These gentle seated and standing stretches are good daily practice to help build strength and release tension in your low back.


Sleepytime Yoga

Emily Brown

Practice right before bed from the comfort of your bed to prepare your mind and body for deep rest.


Sit Comfortably & Stretch

Rachel Bush

In this short video learn ways to be more comfortable in your chair and a few simple stretches you can do anywhere. Take a break and refresh yourself.


Lower Body Restore

Emily Brown

Turn your attention to your lower body to give your feet and legs a little TLC.


After a Long Drive

Rachel Bush

Spent a long time stuck in the car? Here are some of our favorite stretches to unwind after a long drive.


Wind Down

Emily Brown

Use this practice of forward folds and gentle inversions to wind down from your day.


Calming Bedtime Practice

Rachel Bush

Calm your nervous system and prepare for a deep, restful sleep.


Energy Reset

Emily Brown

Connect movement with breath to give you a sense of uplift on days when you're feeling drained.


Gentle Neck Stretches

Rachel Bush

Take a quick break to stretch your neck and take some deep long slow breaths all while seated in a chair.


Yoga for Hands & Arms

Emily Brown

Take some time to massage and stretch your hands and arms to relieve stress and tension.


Gentle Strength Building

Rachel Bush

Build strength in this practice of mostly standing poses by engaging in a consistent and steady way using the wall for support and stability.


Rise Up

Emily Brown

Move mindfully with strength and fluidity as you connect with yourself to rebuild your energy.

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