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Linda Kobus

RYT 500, 800hr Professional Yoga Therapist, Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

Linda is enthusiastic to share the practice of yoga with her students as it is a practice that quite truly changed her life. For a long time, she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder that left her paralyzed in fear, nervousness, and in a constant state of worry. Realizing she needed a change, she tried yoga and committed to a regular meditation practice. Through yoga, meditation, and therapy, Linda began to feel relief, along with a stronger sense of inner peace and a better well-being. 


Having experienced the healing qualities in yoga, she is enthusiastic to teach and to help others experience freedom from suffering. Linda’s classes are slow, calming, and meditative, with a focus on movement with breath. Using postures and conscious movement, you'll connect with your breath as a way to anchor and still your mind. Her classes will foster your awareness and connection, supporting you throughout your journey.  

With over 150 hours working with clients and 800 hours of training, Linda is excited to work with clients to help them to feel better in their bodies.

Curious about Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapists are highly trained professionals who teach yoga therapeutically with individuals or small groups. Often recommending a specific series of postures, breathing exercises, & meditation techniques, yoga therapy aims to alleviate physical & mental health conditions. The yoga therapist adapts the practice of yoga to fit the individual in order to promote self-care and encourage overall well-being.

Want to learn more? Talk with Linda next time you're there for class or reach out to Linda through email:

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