Restorative & Yin Yoga



Loving Kindness Yin

Emily Brown

Cultivate loving kindness towards yourself in this Yin sequence that brings space into the body so you can soften into who you are.


Restorative in Bed

Emily Brown

Treat yourself to a bit of restorative yoga in bed, whether it's to start out your day or to bring it to a relaxing close.


Rest & Digest

Emily Brown

Use this restorative inversion practice, which supports our body's complimentary state - Rest & Digest - to hit the reset button.


Yin for Breath

Emily Brown

In this  short practice, open the space around your chest to feel the breath moving and nurture your connection to your breath.


Rest & Restore

Emily Brown

Rejuvenate the wellspring of your energy so you continue to feel energized and present in your life.


Yin for Connection

Jason Shaw

This practice, intended to help you feel grounded in times when you feel adrift, encourages you to bask in long held, relaxed positions .

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