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Here's to a New Beginning!

Welcome to a home for ease, community, & well-being. 

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Why Should You Try Our Studio?

At our studio, you won't focus on a workout. Yoga is naturally physical - stretching & strengthening the body - but there's so much more to yoga than a workout!

Our teachers will guide you to work-in, showing you how to listen to your body, explore your boundaries, and learn how to connect with yourself throughout it all. 

How you move, breathe, & connect with yourself can be transformative. Let us show you how good being you can feel. 

New to our Studio?

These classes are a great place to get started!

Warrior 1.jpg

Align & Flow


Focuses on the foundational postures to learn how to align the body so that it's stable and strong as we move from one posture to another.


Gentle Yoga

A non-weight bearing class that strengthens & stretches the whole body using carefully aligned poses & the support of props. ​​

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Restore  Yoga


Melt away tension using  supported  and relaxed  poses, meditation, & awareness of breath.

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