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7 Great Gifts for 2021

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Available at the Studio (while supplies last) & at our online store

This year, find a great gift for the yogi in your life! Treat someone special with "The Basics" to get them started. Or help them take their practice to the next level with our "Be Extra" recommendations.

Here are 7 gift ideas every yogi would love under the tree.

The Basics

1) Yoga Mat Bag ($20)

Double-line with high-quality zippers and reinforced stitching, this bag is strong and durable. This bag has 3 multi-functional storage pockets for all your yoga gear and is made with 100% durable cotton canvas. Best of all, this large yoga bag is big enough to fit most yoga mats.

2) Jade Yoga Mat ($75 for Regular, $85 for Extra Long)

Jade Mats are everything you want in a yoga mat – great colors, incredible grip, comfort, and eco-friendly. These mats provide great traction and cushion giving you support & stability for your yoga poses.

Unlike other mats, Jade mats contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber, and are made in the United States.

3) Cork Blocks (Gently Used - $14)

This gently used 4-inch yoga block is a sturdy addition to any yogi's practice. Made from sustainable all-natural cork, cork blocks are denser and sturdier than foam blocks giving extra support for wrists and hands.

Be Extra

4) Yoga Gear (T-Shirts, Tanks, & Hoodies Available from $30 and up in a variety of colors) **Now arrives after Christmas**

Help your favorite yogi to stay connected to their breath and the harmony of their practice with our high quality yoga gear!

To get yours, check out our online store and get your shirt conveniently mailed to you:

5) Ma Roller Wooden Massage Back Roller ($25)

Amish made, this massage roller is great for therapeutic massage along the spine. As you lay down, fit your spine into the middle groove and let your weight help provide deep tissue massage along your neck, shoulders, spine. Increase your mobility, speed up your recovery, and help reset your muscles.

6) Bolster (Gently Used - $20)

This supportive round bolster is the perfect addition to your Yin or Restorative yoga practice. Firm and dense, this bolster is a wonderful way to support the spine, hips, or knees in relaxing postures.

Each bolster has a zippered removable cotton pillowcase that is machine washable.

7) Filled Sandbag ($14)

Most sandbags ship empty & require you to fill them with sand. These bags are filled and ready for use! Sandbags can be used to calm the body like a weighted blanket or to build stability in your postures.

These bags are leak-proof with a two layer design to keep everything intact.

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