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Better Sleep Series

with Emily

3 Week Series (11/2 -11/16)
Thursdays, 6:00- 7:30 PM
3 classes for $38,
or pre-register for the classes you can attend ($16)

Image by Andrés Gómez


"The best bridge between despair and hope, is a good night's sleep."

- Matthew Walker

In this 3 week series, we'll focus on practical ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Using a combination of mindfulness, yoga, and breathing practices, learn how you can help prepare your body for a good night's rest. Over the three weeks, we'll introduce you to different practices that help calm your nervous system & promote restful sleep.

These classes will be offered in a 3 week series. Signing up for all classes is encouraged. If you cannot commit for each class, sign up for the class you can attend at the drop-in rate ($16). 

3 Week Schedule

Week 1: Slow & Low
In the first week, your yoga practice will incorporate gentle movements & postures to help you unwind from the day's stresses. With slow movement and a practice close to the ground, bring your body to a state of calm.

Week 2: Yin Yoga Bliss
In the second week, we'll delve into the world of Yin yoga, a practice that involves holding poses for extended periods to release deep-seated tension.

Week 3: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra
During our final week, we'll guide you through Restorative Yoga, a profoundly relaxing practice that uses supportive props to melt away stress and promote a deep sense of calm. We'll then conclude with Yoga Nidra, known as 'Yogic Sleep,' a guided journey that takes you to the deepest realms of relaxation and rejuvenation.



Emily first found Yoga during college as a way to help manage stress. Through movement and breath, Emily found a new way to experience the world. Yoga encouraged her to be curious, to bend rather than break, and she found herself able to grow in new and unexpected ways.


In Emily's classes, you'll learn how to use your breath to support your mental & emotional self, as you explore ways you can move and support yourself without pain. No pain is gain. 

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