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Sleep Better Series

with Emily

3 Week Series (11/3 -11/17)
Thursdays, 6:00- 7:30 PM
3 classes for $35,
or pre-register for the classes you can attend ($15)

Image by Andrés Gómez


"The best bridge between despair and hope, is a good night's sleep."

- Matthew Walker

Not getting enough sleep at night, or getting sleep that's fitful instead of restful? You’re not alone. Sleep deprived consumers spent almost $60 billion on devices, medications, and sleep studies, in 2016. We're searching for a good night's sleep, so how do we get there?

In this Series, learn what might be keeping you up at night, and how you can take small steps to improve your sleep through mindfulness, yoga, & breathing. Each week, we'll focus on small, easy steps to bring your body & mind to a state of rest. Then, we'll explore a yoga practice that can set you up for a deeply restful sleep - including Restorative Yoga, Bend & Breathe, & Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). 


These classes will be offered in a 3 week series. Signing up for all classes is encouraged. If you cannot commit for each class, sign up for the class you can attend at the drop-in rate ($15). 

3 Week Schedule

Week 1 (11/3): Build a Sleep Routine, then Restorative Yoga
Explore ways to settle your mind and ready your body for sleep. Restorative Yoga practice to soothe your mind & body with a combination of supported yoga poses, awareness of breath, and meditation.

Week 2 (11/10): Bend & Breathe followed by Yoga Nidra

With slow movement and a practice close to the ground, bring your body to a state of calm. Then bask in a Yoga Nidra - a guided meditation that brings you to a state of conscious sleep. 


Week 3 (11/17): Breathing & Meditation

Practice breathing techniques to turn on your relaxation response. Then put it all together and experience a practice you can do at home to prepare for a good night's rest. 


Emily first found Yoga during college as a way to help manage stress. Through movement and breath, Emily found a new way to experience the world. Yoga encouraged her to be curious, to bend rather than break, and she found herself able to grow in new and unexpected ways.


In Emily's classes, you'll learn how to use your breath to support your mental & emotional self, as you explore ways you can move and support yourself without pain. No pain is gain. 

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