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Yoga Bench Workshop

with Emily

10:30 am - 12:30 pm, Saturday, April 29
Early Bird: $30/    $35 after 4/25

Image by Annie Spratt


- Enhance your Practice -

Feet on or off the Ground!

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Curious about how you can use the Yoga Bench in your practice or want a supported introduction to inversions? In this workshop, you'll incorporate the Yoga Bench in different postures, helping you to build awareness, strength, & flexibility with your feet on the ground.


Inverting can be scary, but it doesn't have to be! After you tap into your own strength and learn to trust the stability of the Yoga Bench, you'll take the strength & stability off the ground. 

With the support of the Yoga Bench, take the fear out of changing your perspective, but keep the benefits!

Who's this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to explore their practice on & off the ground. If you've been curious about inversions and you're looking for a little more support, this is the perfect opportunity.


Is the Yoga Bench strong enough?

Built in stable H-shaped structure from solid birch wood, the Yoga Bench can bear up to 440lbs. Use it's strength to show you just how strong you are and take your practice to new heights!

Meet Emily


Emily first found Yoga during college as a way to help manage stress. Through movement and breath, Emily found a new way to experience the world. Yoga encouraged her to be curious, to bend rather than break, and she found herself able to grow in new and unexpected ways.

In her classes, you'll learn how to use your breath to support your mental & emotional self, as you explore ways you can move and support yourself without pain.

Questions? Contact Emily at (607) 862-6701


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